Yeeti Yeeti

The Discord bot that integrates with your Unturned servers.

Easily manage your servers from Discord and interact with your players!

Easy Setup
Easily setup your servers and change settings in realtime.
  • Online dashboard
  • Co-manage with your admins
  • Auto-updating plugin
Keep track of what is happening on your Unturned servers with specialized messages.
  • Death logs
  • Join & Leave logs
  • Ban logs & player reports
  • Player damage & command logs
  • Vehicle & build (damage) logs
  • Periodic player screenshots
Allow players on the Discord server to interact with players on the Unturned server and vice-versa. Give certain players access to remote Unturned command execution.
  • Global chat
  • Area chat
  • Group chat
  • Permission-based command execution
Integrate Plugins
Integrate with other Unturned plugins to enable more features.
  • PlayerStats: stats command on Discord
  • PlayerStats: informational ranking message
  • Uconomy: balance command on Discord
Informational Messages
A single message per type of information that keeps being edited regularly with recent data.
  • Server info & playerlist
  • List of all servers
  • Livemap images
  • Mapstate images
Roles & Linking
Make nice use of Discord roles and players that link their Steam.
  • Synchronize roles to permission groups
  • Reward roles for linking
  • Execute commands when roles are added or removed
  • Raiding alerts