Show a single message displaying all your connected Unturned servers along with IP, port, player count etc.

Chat Messages

Connect your game server chat with Discord! Allow communication between players from Discord and the game in both ways!


With the appropriate permissions you can also execute ingame commands through the Discord channel!

Death Messages

See detailed death events happening ingame!

Server Info Messages

Keeps a single message up-to-date with the current player count, player list, server name, connection details, voting link & map.

Join & Leave Messages

Detailed player join & leave messages.

Ban Log

Get notified whenever a player gets banned ingame with the related information (reason, duration, ...).

Player Reports

Players ingame can report other players with a reason and all of this will be embedded on your Discord along with a spy screenshot.

Command Logs

Log the commands your players are executing ingame. Catch abuse, exploits or other inconveniences on the go.

Mapstate Messages

Show the amount of barricades & structures on your server map.

Syncing Roles

Sync your players' Discord roles to ingame Rocket permission groups!

Role Rewards

Reward your players for joining your Discord server and linking their Steam!

Role Commands

Everytime a role is added/removed to/from a linked player you can execute custom commands ingame!

PlayerStats Integration

Linked players can check their PlayerStats stats/rank through Discord.

Timed Spy Images

Yeeti will periodically spy online players and send the screenshots to Discord.

Livemap Images

Keeps a single message up-to-date with the map's chart with all the players drawn on it.

Ranking Messages

Keeps a single message up-to-date with the server's current PlayerStats ranking (either top 10 pvp or pve)

Player Damage Logs

Log player damage done to other players. Includes damage type, damage, players, death state.

Build Logs

Log whenever a barricade or structure has been built or salvaged.

Build Damage Logs

Log whenever a barricade or structure has been damaged.

Group Messages

Log all the group messages sent by players along with the group's name

Raiding Alerts

DM linked players on Discord whenever their base is getting raided.

Rendered Mapstates

Option to add a rendered image to the mapstate messages.